Review: Rocket Responder

Ok last week everyone probably saw the the launch of Rocket Responder and you have read tons of emails, and several blog reviews so I thought I would add my review and opinions. I was fortunate enough to get in a bit before the launch so I have been able to use it a bit longer than most and feel I can make an accurate review now.

Now the first thing that I want to point out is how simple it is to use. I was with Traffic Wave before for a couple of years and it took me about a month to get the hang of it. Before that I was with Aweber and I felt lost the entire time there, and with Rocket Responder I felt very secure after just few hours and felt about as knowledgeable about the system then as I am now. This is a great selling for me especially because I like great technology with simple features.

Another thing I really like about the system is how quickly the emails are sent out and you can send out multiple emails if you forget something. I use my email list is used for my newsletters for my programs and this feature is huge for me after using Traffic Wave. I know when I was with Traffic Wave sometimes it would take up to 30 minutes to an hour for my emails to go out. And if I forgot something then my emails would not go out until the next day. With Rocket Responder the emails are sent out just minutes after you send them and I have sent out another email about 30 minutes later to the same list and it went out just as fast.

Now something that was not available at Traffic Wave but I guess is available at Aweber and is now available at Rocket Responder is the ability to email several list at the same time. Like I said I use the system for the newsletters for both of my programs and I run cross promotions between both programs and before with Traffic Wave it got annoying to write up a email to one program send it then go to the other list and write up another email and send it. But now with Rocket Responder I can just write up a email about the promotion and add both list on to it. And if a member is on both list then they just get one email instead of two about the same same thing. This is also huge for you guys that have multiple list and a new program launches and you want to get emails out fast to your list this is the best way to get your email out to all of your list very quickly.

The program also has a blog integration feature. I do not use this myself as my blog has one built in already but this is great if you don’t have feature available to you. What the blog list does is it creates a form to where people can subscribe to your blog and every time you write a new blog post a email will automatically be sent out to your subscribers. I know I use to use Traffic Wave for this also and I had to go and write a new email myself and send it out every time I wrote a new blog post. I know Aweber has this feature also and lots of people use it there.

Another great feature that Rocket Responder has is the visibility that you have to your subscribers. You can see when they signed up and confirmed their subscription. You can also see where they come to your list from, as well as you get a picture of your subscribers if they have a Gravitar  account. As well as you get full stats of your emails. You can see who is opening the emails and who is clicking links within the emails. As well as you can see if a email bounces and when someone unsubscribes from your list.

Now recognize I left the affiliate program till the last, the reason is if you are using a Autoresponder for the affiliate program then you are using it for the wrong reason. These programs are not going to make you rich off of their affiliate programs so it is no point in using these programs just for that reason. You make your money off of your list that you have there. I promoted Traffic Wave for years and made pennies compared to the money I made off of the commissions from my list. But there is an affiliate program at Rocket Responder, you get 20% commission from all of your affiliates. With this being a monthly subscription you get monthly commission also.

I know the guys at Timtech have more things to come at Rocket Responder but right now in my opinion they have a A+ program and hope that things stay simple and easy to use.

I hope this helps you guys out and let me know your thoughts.

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